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NCA 2013 in the Chronicle

5th of December 2013

You can listen to the entries here.

NCA 2013

28th of November 2013

On Thursday the winners of this years Newton Creative Awards have been announced. You can listen to the entries here.

NCA 2013

20th of November 2013


The Newton Creative Award for Music 2013 has closed last Friday.

We have received 27 entries in the 3 different age groups, with 12 entries from St Joseph's Middle School and 7 entries from St Anne's Middle School.

All entries are up on our website and we encourage the public to vote for their favourite:

His Worship the Mayor will be announcing the winners at the Newton Store on Thursday 28th November at 5.45 pm

AquaGib competition winner

8th of October 2013

(source Gibraltar Chronicle)

NCA in the Press

7th of March 2013

(source Gibraltar Chronicle)

NCA 2012/2013

26th of February 2013

Short-Film winner Nathan Conroy
Overall winner Anne-Marie Valverde (Prize collected by her brother)


We are glad to announce that the Newton Store hosted on Tuesday 26th November the prize giving ceremony for the Short Film category of the Newton Creative Awards 2012.

His Worship the Mayor announced the winner: Nathan Conroy for his Short Film "Radio Frequency", and presented him with a certificate and a £200 voucher from the Newton Store.

The overall prize for the 2012 season went to Anne-Marie Valverde for her entry in the Art category: "Geisha 2332". Anne-Marie being in California at the moment, her brother was presented with the prize on her behalf of an Apple iMac 27-inch to the value of over £1,400

Lastly, the 2013 season of the Newton Creative Awards was opened. The Art category will be loosely themed on "WATER" this year to help artists find inspiration. The Art category closes on the 15th of May 2013. The Music category closes on the 15th of November 2013.

There will be no overall prize for the 2013 season but the individual prizes for the two categories and all three age groups (under 13, under 17, and 17 and over) will be more substantial with iPad minis, iPads, and MacBook Airs or vouchers for their equivalent value up for grabs.

The rules and application form are available: here

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